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Volunteer Scheduling

Our online volunteer scheduling software has become so popular, that we've launched it as it's own company:


Please visit www.VolunteerMatrix.com for additional information.

Volunteer Matrix is available as part of a Tools for Organizations complete website package. When packaged with a Tools for Organizations website, the cost is only $30 monthly (in addition to the website package), a $10 monthly discount.

The following information is no longer updated, please visit the website above for updated information.

The Tools for Organizations volunteer system & web tools organizes volunteers with minimal organization interaction and effort. This scheduling system costs $40 per month as a stand alone system, or if you are also a Tools for Organizations hosting client, $65 per month total including your hosting package. There is no limit to the number of volunteers or number of projects included with our pricing. Below is a partial list of system features.

  » Volunteer Registration & Orientation...
  • Typically, the system is configured with an initial Volunteer Information page, a Skills and Interests page, multiple Orientation pages, and a Liability Waivers page. Completing these typically takes 10 minutes or less. All pages except for the volunteer information page can be eliminated as appropriate for your organization. All pages/forms are customized for your organization. We also offer an "express registration" which allows for abbreviated volunteer information before signing up to volunteer. When the express registration is used, in their welcome email it will indicate that the organization requests they complete the full registration before their volunteer date. As with the rest of the system, almost everything is customized for your organization.
  •   » Volunteer Automated Emails...
  • Overview — All automated emails have editable text so that you can add your own custom message, and each can be disabled if desired. The project details are automatically formatted and inserted into emails where appropriate to ensure correctness and readability.
  • Registration Completed — When a volunteer completes the express registration or the full registration, they will receive an automatic email welcoming them to you organization.
  • Scheduled — When a volunteer schedules themselves for a volunteer date or set of dates, the system will automatically email them all information (address, directions, maps link, work description, etc).
  • Reminders — At 4 weeks, 2 weeks, and at 2 days before their scheduled dates, the system will automatically email volunteer date reminders with all of the volunteer future project(s) & date(s) information.
  • Post Volunteering — A "thanks" email is sent the day after a volunteers consecutive set of volunteer dates.
  • Project Completed — If applicable, the system will automatically email every volunteer who touched a project. Since you can control when this is sent, you could have it sent 1 week before the completion date (invitation) or 1 day after completion date (notice?). This email will include links to all photo galleries related to this project, all news, and other related information. This alone can bring full circle their volunteer experience, letting them know the project the worked on was completed.
  •   » Volunteer Calendar...
  • One-page system — Our unique super simple single-page volunteer registration & scheduling system guides the volunteer through registration and sign up process.
  • Multiple views — Traditional calendar, project columns, by date & by project gives every volunteer the ability to tailor their sign up experience to their personal preference.
  • Personal Schedule at a glance — Once logged in, each volunteer can see on the full volunteer calendar where they are currently scheduled, and where they are still able to schedule themselves. A link to view &/or email just their schedule is also provided. You can set any view to be the default view.
  •   » Access Codes...
  • Private Calendars — provides you a way to give out a specific calendar link or code so that when used, will *only* show the desired project(s) and dates. This is typically used when larger organizations or sponsors are wanting their members/employees to schedule themselves vs. creating an online group.
  • Private or Public — Each project can be both available to the public, and use access codes. This is helpful when you have multiple projects, and want to provide a link to an organization/group to ensure they all sign up on a specific project(s) and dates.
  • You can automatically add any volunteer who uses an access code to a specific group. This makes it much easier to create a volunteer group when it's members are not known in the beginning. You are able to email the group via the groups admin page.
  •   » Groups of Volunteers...
  • Simple, automatically guided group registration — Once the group leader has completed the online registration or express registration, they will be guided to create a volunteer group, providing general information.
  • Group member invite — If group member email addresses are provided by the group leader, all group members can receive an email inviting them to complete the online registration as well. If email addresses of group members were provided , then can also receive volunteer date reminders, and thank you's.
  • Group self scheduling, or request scheduling — Once the group is created, the group leader can then schedule their group anywhere the staff have allowed volunteer groups. The group leader, and any email addresses of a groups members, will receive the same automated emails (scheduled, reminders, project completion, etc.) as individuals. Optionally, it can be configured so that groups must "request" to be scheduled on dates which are available. Your staff will receive their emailed request, with a single click to accept and schedule the group. Automated emails for groups can be sent only to the Group Leader, or the leader and all members.
  • Group member emails — Group members, if email address were provided by the group leader, will be able to view their scheduled dates similar to how individuals do. They can also have their full schedule emailed to them.
  •   » Staff Automated Emails...
  • Daily emailed reports by project — Project leaders (staff & any others) will receive a daily email with all volunteers scheduled that day on the project site. This sheet can act as the sign in sheet, and indicates if it's time for each to sign and turn in a new waiver.
  • Daily emailed all project report — You staff will receive a daily all-projects report indicating all volunteer numbers, groups, shifts, etc.
  • Easy Project/Date cancellation — Your staff can cancel an volunteer dates for any or all projects. This will email all volunteers scheduled on the selected projects and dates. It will remove them from the schedule, and email them both notifying them of the canceled date, and ask them to re-schedule themselves. This would be used for weather cancellations and the like. If a volunteer scheduled for the date/project does not have an email address in the system, it will automatically email your staff a complete list of all of these volunteers with their phone numbers so you know who to call and cancel if desired.
  • Sometimes volunteer cancellations can come last minute, and unless you really inspect the daily reports, you might miss when last minute cancellations occur. If your staff want to be notified when individual or groups cancel their volunteer dates which they scheduled online, you can set the number of days before a volunteer date when you would be notified of a cancellation. You can set this date separately for Individuals and Groups. So, perhaps if a group cancels their date(s) more than 28 days before their scheduled dates you don't need notification, but if it's less than 28 days before their date, you do want to be notified.
  •   » Additional Features...
  • Emailing volunteers by project, date, or group — Your staff can select to email all volunteers working on any project on any date (last minute details, bring tools, etc).
  • Volunteer Project Cancellations — allows your staff to notify all registered volunteers by project and date if a volunteer date has been canceled. If a volunteer does not have an email address in the system, it will email you a list of these with their phone numbers so that you can call them if desired.
  • Time saving features — In the admin tools, 'templates' are provided so that you don't have to retype the same things on each project (directions, donor info, etc).
  • Add entire projects to the schedule in a few clicks — Ability to add all volunteer dates and desired volunteer numbers for a project in a single step. Or, you can break it up into sets, and define the details of the expected work on specific dates. Be as detailed or general as you want. You can also have up to 10 "shifts" per date. These also can have their own shift descriptive text to indicate specific shift details. Or, you can simply have up to 10 different time slots.
  • Reporting — allows your staff to view all scheduled volunteers by project and date (view, print, or email). You can also look up any individual volunteers hours, any volunteer groups total hours, and you can even see ALL volunteer hours for any project. This is great information for grants, court community service volunteers, etc.
  • Exports — Export volunteer information at any time. Custom exports are set up as needed, and export all data, or only new data since the last export.