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Our online volunteer scheduling software has become so popular, that we've launched it as it's own company:


Please visit www.VolunteerMatrix.com for additional information.

Volunteer Matrix is available as part of a Tools for Organizations complete website package. When packaged with a Tools for Organizations website, the cost is only $30 monthly (in addition to the website package), a $10 monthly discount.

The following information is no longer updated, please visit the website above for updated information.

Tools for Organizations has developed an online Volunteer Management & Volunteer Self Scheduling system originally for Habitat for Humanity affiliates around the US. Over the years as our programs evolved and internet technology has improved, these tools have proven to be very useful for many other types of organizations that also need to manage their volunteers online, or allow for volunteer self scheduling.

The Volunteer Management systems are only hosted on the Tools for Organizations servers. They can be part of one of our full website hosting packages, or as a stand alone system. If as a stand alone system, the pages would appear exactly as your current website does as we use your site as the "template" for the pages we host for you.

We have different 3 ways to assist your organization with it's online volunteer needs. You can see this as 3 different levels of volunteer management.

» Registration Form Only (included in Basic [$20 mo] & Standard [$35 mo] packages)

  • Simple single page volunteer registration form. Can include any desired volunteer information. Any fields can be required, all fields data checked for correct data type.
  • Sends your staff an email with all Volunteer information.
  • Sends Volunteer a personalized email with any additional information desired. Can also have one or more files attached to the email (waiver, etc).
  • You are able to edit the "success" page and Volunteer email at any time.
  • Adds all Volunteer information to a spreadsheet file on the server which your organization can download at any time. (import into database or use in excel)
  • » Registration & Orientation (included in $50 month package, or $25 month stand alone)

  • Multi-Page volunteer registration includes (typical example):
    • Page 1: Volunteer personal information, Emergency Contact information, Demographic information.
    • Page 2: Volunteer skills &/or interests - may be configured to have multiple different sections
    • Page 3-6: Volunteer Orientation - can have multiple pages of information &/or training about your organization and what is expected of them during their volunteer period. This can be one page, or as many as needed. Each page is configured to have multiple questions at the end of your content to test them on what they just read. The questions can be disabled, and the Orientation pages may be totally removed if desired.
    • Page 7: Volunteer Liability Waiver - two options here
      • A printable HTML page can be displayed with their information pre-filled in for them. Typically includes the volunteers last name, first name and date in the top left corner for easy filing and expiration checking after filing. Also usually has emergency contact information section pre-filled in.
      • or A regular page which lists multiple volunteer waiver files (usually PDF's) for them to choose from.
  • Once the Orientation is completed, two things happen. The volunteer views a "Success" page & is sent a "welcome" email. Both are customized by your organization to include any additional information &/or the next steps in your volunteer process. Often users of this system will use a general calendar to list their volunteer needs, and link to that calendar where they can find opportunities, and contact you as indicated on each opportunity. Please note that this is NOT the volunteer self scheduling calendar/system. Your organization is also emailed a copy of their volunteer information, skills & interests, etc at this time.
  • Also included is a volunteer Group option
    • After the group leader completes the volunteer registration, they are able to create a volunteer group.
    • When creating the group, the Group Leader is asked to provide all Volunteers email addresses. All provided Group Member email address will be sent a email letting them know that the Group Leader has included them in a Volunteer Group, and invites them to complete the Volunteer Registration.
  • This system is a database driven system and includes administrative features to utilize the volunteer database.
    • Search for volunteers by their personal info (name, email, phone, etc), by their selected skills &/or interests, or by date (date registered, orientation completed, date updated, etc).
    • From your search results, you are able to email all in the result group at one shot if desired. You can also email all of their volunteer data to someone (supervisor?) in separate emails.
    • Exporting volunteer data is simple and only takes a few clicks. Usually you would do an export if you have a "local" volunteer or donor database at your office where you want to import this data. Tools for Organizations will work with you to set up any desired export "templates" at no additional cost. We cannot assist you in your 3rd party software imports, please check your software vendors support for information on imports into that system. You are able to export all volunteer data, or just the new volunteers since the last export (our system remembers automatically when that was). You may also include any records modified since the last export if desired.

  • » Registration & Orientation & Self Scheduling (included in $65 month package, or $40 month stand alone)

  • The Self Scheduling option uses the same Volunteer Registration, Skill & Interests, Orientation & Waivers as indicated in the above option. As well, it includes those same administrative admin tools, plus many more. Please be sure to review the above information before continuing to the Self Scheduling information. To better explain the Self Scheduling system, please use the left navigation to review each topic.
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