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Email Accounts

Email has become an integral part of virtually every organizations communications. Effectively handling email can mean the difference of spending minutes vs. hours a day using this tool. We provide top-notch email SPAM filtering, Virus protection, auto responders, domain wide email footers/disclaimers, web access (like hotmail), and support for your organizations email needs.
The following sections are designed to answer some general questions. If you are having difficulty using your email account hosted at Tools for Organizations, and your question is not answered in a few minutes here in this section, please send us a quick email (if you are able to), or give us a call.
Here's a quick guide which may answer some common email issues:
Before you try anything else, reboot your computer. Often this will clear up any problems you might be having.
  • When I click the "Test Mail Settings" (or similar) button in my email program settings, it fails...
    This test mail settings WILL NOT EVER WORK. Don't ask me why Microsoft put this button in when it does not work. To test your email settings, simply send an email to an address off server, and if you do not get any errors, then it's working.
  • My email program keeps asking for my user/account name or password...
    This usually means our email server is not happy with either your password or your user/account name.
    Try these in order until it's fixed:
    1. Email passwords are CaSe sensitive, so be sure your caps lock is not on accidentally.
    2. In your email admin section of your website (button at top of main admin page), try resetting your password.
    3. Confirm your user name by using our email client setup tool located here (also available in the email admin tool). NOTE: Your user/account name is not the beginning part of your email address, or your full email address.
    4. If you've done these things and it's still not working, the next step is to call us for assistance.
  • My email program says "relay denied" or "relay access denied".
    This is an indication that our mail server is not allowing you to send emails. Usually you will still be able to send emails to your co-workers, just not 'off-server'.
    1. This is almost always an indication that you did not fully complete the setup of your email account with the directions provided in our email client setup tool located here. If you previously just selected "Minimal required setup details", please select the instructions for your email client and verify your settings.
    2. If you have a virus program such as Norton or Symantic on your computer, try disabling it entirely, then try sending and receiving email. (When you reboot, your anti-virus will automatically turn back on.)
    3. If you've done these things and it's still not working, the next step is to call us for assistance.
  • My email program says "mail server not found".
    This is almost always in indication that your computer, while it might be connected with a cable to the internet, is not actually online at that time.
    1. Try launching your internet browser like internet explorer and go to a web page like www.google.com. However, if you are viewing this page right now on the computer with the problem, then you must be online!
    2. If you are not online, try unplugging the power cord on all routers and internet 'modems' (cable internet, DSL, etc) for 30 seconds, and plug them back in. Often this will reset your internet connection.
    3. Verify that you have the correct incoming and outgoing mail servers set in your email account settings. Use our our email client setup tool located here.
    4. Try changing your outgoing mail server port from port 25 to port 587, usually this is under the advanced settings in your email program.
    5. If none of the above have fixed your problem, please call us @ 808.982.4174
  • My email program tells me "hostname not found" when trying to send emails.
    The mail server has a "blocking" system that will not accept emails when the sender (you) are using an internet connection that is not following Internet Standards. This is caused by your ISP not correctly configuring your IP address assigned to your physical internet connection/location.
    1. Log into your main website admin page.
    2. Click the button for the Email Administration Tools, and log in there as well.
    3. Click the button for the Unblocking Tool towards the top of the email admin page.
    4. Follow the directions to locate yourself (you as the sender, and the address you have tried to send to). If you ignore the directions and choose to unblock spammers listed in that tool, your access to this tool will be removed.
    5. After you unblock yourself, you will be able to send emails within 10 minutes.
    6. Since most people have a "dynamic" IP address on their internet connection, it's possible that you could be assigned another mis-configured IP address again later, and you may need to do these steps again at that time (if/when you get that same error message when trying to send emails).