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Site Content Editor

The site content editor is used where the other admin tools are not. This tool is used to probably used to update 80-90% of your site. It works a little bit like editing a document in Word. It has tools to allow you to create links, add photos, link to documents (like PDF's), and of course edit text. When Tools for Organizations builds a website, we go into each and every page, and insert specific code which will do some automatic formating based on the content of the page. This allows for a super-easy to use tool, while your website has the layout of a site which would require extensive coding. As well, this tool writes your content in Accessibility compliant code.

  » Features from visitors point of view...

  » Features from administration point of view...
  Ability to upload and insert photos
  Ability to upload and link to files like PDF's
  Easily edit text as well as font attributes such as color and bolding.
  Create links to pages in your site, outside sites, to mapquest, email addresses, etc.
  Easy to use interface designed for non-technical users.