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Secure Forms

This web tool is available with all web hosting packages other than the Basic package and some custom packages.

See an example online donation form here.

Secure forms allow your organization to accept 256 bit encrypted (the industry standard) information via online forms.

  • Hand Processed Transactions
    This process does not 'real time' process their credit card information, but allows you to hand process it as if it was via telephone. This does mean that you should be able to accept credit cards (merchant account) already. Usually these secure forms are for accepting credit card information as for donations, event registrations, sales of a few items, etc. There can be multiple secure forms, and each one is totally customized specifically for your use. Each time a secure form is submitted, you will receive an email copy of their transaction, minus their credit card information. To retrieve this credit card information, you will log into the admin page where you can securely print or download new orders in tab delimited/excel spreadsheet format.
  • Real Time Automatically Processed Transactions
    1. Our form can be set up to automatically process a donors credit card through your credit card Merchant. This typically means that you must pay for a "Gateway" service provided by your Processor. Gateway fees can be $20-$50 per month, + often an additional 1% and a $0.20-$0.35 per transaction. Also, often there is a $100-$250 Gateway setup fee with your Processor.
    2. There is another service that can cost effectively handle your online donations if you do not already have a Processor.
      Their "nonprofit" fee is $30 per year, and 3% + $0.25 per transaction. There are NO other fees. 3% is more than some gateways (like 1.9%-2.5%), but since you are missing all the other fees, this may work out better. The downside to their service is that the money has to be manually transferred to your checking account (anytime you want), vs. it being deposited there automatically. They charge $0.35 for this transfer. You could do this once per week, daily, monthly, whatever.
      Their website is:
      Please note that on their site, the "nonprofit" $30 annual fee is their $60 package as listed on the site.

      Their service also includes a "virtual terminal", meaning you can go there and hand enter a credit card and process it on an as needed basis. They do not support a regular "swipe" credit card machine.

  » Features from visitors point of view...
  256 bit encrypted for safety and security, visitors browser displays closed padlock indicator. The 3rd party SSL Certificate is provided by Tools for Organizations, so there is no extra cost for this or installation.
  Easy to use, intuitive formatted forms
  After submission, visitor receives a personalized email copy of the transaction and a thank you page.
  Form can allow for automatic email list subscription if visitor chooses so.
  Forms are constructed in "accessibility" functional methods

  » Features from administration point of view...
  Each secure form is custom designed for your organization, with as many fields as necessary. May include sections for recurring donations, Memorial/Honorarium, etc.
  Admin & Visitor emails are custom formatted and personalized
  See dollar totals from month to month, and year to year
  Easily search for past transactions as necessary
  Once a transaction is processed, the credit card information is automatically purged as required by the credit card industry.