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Photo Gallery

This web tool is available with all web hosting packages other than the Basic package and some custom packages.

This is a great tool to keep your organizations web site updated with photos you probably already have, and photos from current activities. If you can get your images onto your computer, or onto a CD, then you can update the photo gallery.

  » Features from visitors point of view...
  Easy to navigate layout.
  Viewing of photo slideshow will not take them away from the current web page.
  All images are automatically sized and optimized by the system for optimal online viewing.
  Each event has descriptive text, as well as each image if desired.

  » Features from administration point of view...
  No limit to the number of events or images.
  Have multiple photo galleries on your site, with one admin tool for ease of use.
  System allows you to rotate images (taken with camera sideways?).
  Event has title and descriptive text.
  Each image can have descriptive text.
  The system automatically resizes and optimizes your original images, creating a thumbnail and web friendly image.
  You can move the images into any order.
  You can select to hide an event and it's images, while they stay in the system.
  System automatically creates the main photo gallery page with all events.
  Clicking on event thumbnail opens a pop up window, and shows a slideshow of all images.

These are best viewed on a real web site so you can really get a feel for how they work.