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This web tool is available with all web hosting packages other than the Basic package and some custom packages.

The What's New, News & Press Release web tool is a really easy way to get your latest organizational news on your web site in a timely manner. In the administrative tool, simply type in a title, the news text (or cut and paste), and click submit. You can also set the items to not appear on your site until a specific date, and they can remove themselves in the same fashion. You can use multiple different types of these, but still have just one easy to use administrative tool. Perhaps your organization needs a "What's New", "Press Releases", and a "Board Minutes"... These items lists can be placed any where on your site, even in a password protected area, or on the home page.

  » Features from visitors point of view...
  Automatically formatted list of items, newest items on top
  Clicking on title of item takes them to the full text
  All full text pages are in your web site design
  Full text pages have this same list on top for ease of going through multiple items

  » Features from administration point of view...
  No practical limit on the different types of lists you can have... News, Press Releases, Board Minutes, etc.
  One easy to use administrative tool regardless of how may different types you have
  You determine the maximum number of items to show (or no limit)
  Items automatically appear & dissappear on your set dates, or they stay indefinitely
  These lists are searched by search engine robots, so the information you put in here help your web sites placement in search engines