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Email Lists

Email lists are included with all Tools for Organizations packages.

Subscribing & Unsubscribing From Lists
All email lists we provide come with the ability for site visitors to subscribe themselves (if desired). When an address is added to a list, they will receive a confirmation email which can contain information you provide.

All forms set up on your site will include an option to allow visitors the option to add themselves to your list(s) as appropriate.

You will have the ability to add and remove addresses from the lists, one at a time via our administrative tools. When your lists are first established, we can populate them with your provided list.

All email sent to lists will have an automatic unsubscribe link added to the bottom so recipients can remove themselves from that list.

Sending Email to Your Lists
In order to send emails to any of your lists, just send an email from your authorized email address to the list. The mail server will automatically then resend the email to all list subscribers. All email sent to the lists will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom automatically.

Types of Lists
Lists can be set up as 'Newsletter' lists, so that only your team can email to list subscribers, or as 'Subscriber' lists, where all email list subscribers can send to the list they are subscribed to. We do not offer 'Digest' lists which are usually associated with lists that are subscriber lists which post many emails each day. if you need this type of list, there are free list services available for this on the web.

Email List Sizes
Email lists are limited to 2,000 subscribers, or for an additional fee, up to 4,000 subscribers. If you have more than 4,000 subscribers to your email list, you should use a paid per-email service widely available on the internet. Most organizations will find that 2,000 subscribers to any one list is sufficient.

Email List Security
All email lists are 'locked down'. The only way to see a list of subscribers to any of your lists is if you have appropriate administrative access, and view the list via the admin tools we provide. Nobody can retrieve a list of your lists either. You should never, under any circumstances share your email lists with any organization.

Adding Lists From Other Sources
If individuals sign up for your email list at an event, or other activity, and you have a field specifically for them to indicate they want to be on your email list, this is an appropriate list of folks to add. If you add these addresses with names to an excel spreadsheet, and email to us, we will add them all at once to your list for you. You should keep these original paper sign up forms for at least 2 years. You cannot under ANY circumstances subscribe email addresses you have obtained from any other organization. It does not matter if you have paid for a list, it was given to you, or you have permission from an organization to use their list. Legally, you must have direct permission from from every email address owner to add them to your list.

Due to CANSPAM legislation, there are very specific rules and regulations pertaining to email lists and email addresses. As well, many ISPs have their own policies and regulations which must be followed. Failure to follow all of these regulations and rules can result in the 'blacklisting' of the Tools for Organizations mail server, and hence all Tools for Organizations over 100 nonprofit clients. This means your actions if inappropriate can cause your organization and over 100 others to have difficulty sending email to probably 60% or more of the internet. Even if you use an off-server email sending service, if it is at all attached to your domain name, this is still true. If you ever have a question about the use of, or sending emails to any email lists, please contact us.

ANY illegal or inappropriate use of the lists, or the subscription of addresses to lists are grounds for immediate termination of ALL services at Tools for Organizations without prior notice. We absolutely will not jeopardize the email communications of all of our clients for any one client, even if it is due to ignorance of these policies.