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This web tool is available with all web hosting packages other than the Basic package.

The calendar web tools are a super easy way to place date specific information and events on your organizations web site. You can have multiple calendars on your web site, each is editable via a single administration tool for easy updates.

  » Features from visitors point of view...
  Dynamically generated list (short list) of upcoming events can be placed anywhere on the site, usually on home page
  Clicking on title of items opens a small pop-up window with details (if there are details)
  On the short list, If there are more events on the calendar than your set amount, the last item is alink link to the main calendar to see more
  Calendar colors are adjustable to match your site graphic design
  Main calendar is graphically laid out for the most intuitive viewing of calendar items
  Today's date is highlighted in a different color

  » Features from administration point of view...
  No limit on the number of calendars you can have... Event & Meetings, Volunteer Dates, etc.
  Easily add recurring events with the administrative tool
  One easy to use administrative tool regardless of how may different calendars you have
  Each new calendar entry can be added to one or more calendars simultaneously
  Items are automatically removed from the short list as the date passes
  These calendars are searched by search engine robots, so the information you put in here help your web sites placement in search engines

These admin tools are best viewed on a working website. Please visit our Test Drive site where you can view, and edit everything on the site.