There's much more to our packages than what's listed here, so be sure to check out Programs pages.
I don't advertise a certain amount of bandwith or file space each client receives. This is because 99.9% of websites, even 'big' ones don't use very much file space or bandwidth. Offering you 20 gigs of space or bandwidth is like giving you a 55 gallon drum of water when you only can drink a glass.
Setup costs are pretty straight forward, $10 per page, $50 minimum. No additional cost for graphic design if you use one of our sixgraphic design options. For example, if we set you up with 37 pages, then the setup fee would be $370.
If you are interested in the Volunteer Scheduling only (Volunteer Matrix, as a plug in to your existing site), the cost is $50 per month.
Please note: Tools of Organizations is only accepting new website clients on an invitation only basis.

Package Comparisons
Web Tools & Features Basic
$20 per month
$35 per month
Standard +
Volunteer Matrix

$85 per month
Support via Email & Phone Included Included Included
POP Email Accounts w/ Virus protection & SPAM filtering & Web email access 10 included 15 included
$5 per month for each 5 additional
20 included
$5 per month for each 5 additional
ALIAS Email Addresses 10 included 25 included 25 included
Email Lists
(up to 2,000 subscribers each list)
2 included 4 included
$5 per month for each additional
4 included
$5 per month for each additional
Email Lists (2,000-4,000 subscribers) Each $20 per month Each $20 per month
Site Content Editor Included Included Included
Site Visitor Statistics $5 month Included Included
Non-secure Forms (multiple) Included Included Included
Shared Staff Calendars (with Thunderbird) Included Included Included
Online Surveys Included Included
Secure Forms (SSL) to accept Credit Cards (multiple †) 1 included
$50 setup each additional
1 included
$50 setup each additional
Site Keyword Search Included Included
News/Press Releases (multiple) Included Included
Photo Gallery Included Included
Calendaring (multiple) Included Included
Volunteer Registration & Orientation Included
Volunteer Administration Tools Included
Volunteer Data Export Included
Volunteer Matrix Included
† - In order to accept credit cards you must have a method of processing credit cards, our system only provides a safe and secure way to accept the credit cards online, which you then hand process yourself.

We ask for an initial minimum hosting agreement of 6 months, although there are no contracts. All hosting fees are billed bi-annually April & October 1st.

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