The Graphic Design, or look and feel of your website is an important aspect of how your organization is represented online. Often an organization will have specific colors, graphics and a logo that needs to be implemented on a website in a way complimentary to existing branding materials you may have. Tools for Organizations has 6 graphic design 'starting points' that you can choose from, or if your site is already meeting your graphic design tastes, then chances are we can rebuild your site using that design.
Why should my organization use one of these provided designs?
  1. Each of these designs is already coded to meet current HTML standards, accessibility standards, and is cross browser and operating system compatible. Basically this means the pages are high-quality, and virtually anyone can visit and navigate your site successfully. While you might assume this to be true of your current website, actually 99.9% of all web pages out there do not match the quality of these sites.
  2. Since these are already coded, there is less setup time required. We can launch your site sooner, and it will cost less in setup fees.
  3. There are built in features with these designs, such as keyword searches, ability to have web site sponsors for different sections of your site, etc.
  4. The way we build these sites is *very* conducive to search engines. Most all the sites we build will see double to triple increase in the amount of web site traffic in the first 3 months.
  5. Using one of our designs is free. However, you will not own the design, and cannot give, sell, or rent the design to anyone else ever.

Below are links to the basic graphic design options. These will all open in a new browser window. When done reviewing a design, you can close this window, and this page will still be here. Please keep in mind that all colors, images, and even the layout to some degree can be changed to suit your organization. These designs are very flexible for any organization. You can request our complete client list to see the available options.
We still want to use our current website design, how will this work?
If we use your current design, we will virtually always have to recode your entire site. Both to match the standards mentioned above, to rework the navigation, etc. We will not just copy over your site, and configure the admin tools to work with your current code. That would be like putting a scooter engine in a Ferrarri, looks OK, but doesn't really do much. Usually, your site design will need to change slightly when we do this. Very often, it's changed for the better. We have yet to have a client whose site we converted be unhappy with the end result. One very important note, we do have to charge for our time to convert you site in this manner. We will basically give you a project price up front based on the amount of time we expect it to take. Usually this is around $200-$400 (4-8 hours), depending on the complexity of the design. This amount is in addition to any other setup fees.
We have a graphic designer on staff, or have one we want to work with to design our new site.
We can also work in this arrangement. However..., most "web site designers" do not build sites to meet any standards whatsoever. We will want PhotoShop files, or high quality TIFF files when the site design is complete. It is also a requirement that we participate in the design process with feedback, so that they do not design you a beautiful site which will not support a good navigation system, or meet standards. A website that is beautiful, but not very functional, or cannot be expanded when your organization grows is not helpful to anyone. Please keep in mind that 'free design services' is not free if it requires more work on all involved. We do have to bill for the time required to build the design into the code that will become your site. We can give you an estimate for this, but we will not give you a project price since there can be may variables during this process. As well, if you choose to work with an inexperienced graphic designer, we may actually choose to not work with your organization. Just as you are busy, so are we, and it's not our responsibilty to train someone in internet standards and usable/functional design.
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