Tools for Organizations
What IS Tools for Organizations?
Tools for Organizations provides cost effective web site design, web site hosting, email accounts & email list services only for 501(c)(3) organizations whose primary focus is humanity, the environment, or animals. Along with these services, administrative tools are provided which allow your staff to update 100% of your internet presence via easy-to-use administrative tools. Support is also included with all packages.
WHY Tools for Organizations?
With almost 200 nonprofit clients in 38 states, and working in the internet arena since 1997, Tools for Organizations has the experience, knowledge and passion to help organizations reach their goals. By providing effective communication tools, easy to use administrative features, and with outstanding support, Tools for Organizations is here to help your organization do what they do best.
What do the clients of Tools for Organizations have to say about us?
“...compliments are great, and we get lots of them.  Our site looks great. But the traffic to our website has doubled with the user-friendly design. That tells us this communications tool works!”
Mitchell Gibbs
Communications Director
Austin Habitat for Humanity
“...You've done such a wonderful job of making it easy on your customers. It's really a pleasure to use.”
Heather Congdon
BBBS Otero County
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